Workbench Accessories

Kennedy, Dewey, Harding & Kennedy Hydraulic Series


Non-Electric Accessories



Shelving Options

Uprights Sets


Single and double-sided uprights are angle adjustable to compensate for any weight capacity.

Light Frames Options



Legs, Adjustable Height


Computer Holder

Articulating Options



Bin Box Rails

Single Bin Box Rail


Double Bin Box Rail


Single Bin Box Rail


Double Bin Box Rail




Heavy Duty Locking Casters


Tool Balancer Rail & Trolley


Keyboard Trays

Desktop Grommet

Bench Boots Set

Packing Station Options
Packing Station
Packing Station
Packing Station
BenchPro™ workbenches can be configured into any packing station design by combining accessories from this page.

Roll Holders

Edge Rails

Top Bin Shelf

Lower Bin Shelf

Vertical Shelf Dividers

Electric Accessories

Power Strips

Mount these to the back or bottom side of work surfaces and/or shelves. Brackets included.

Surge Supression Plug Strips


Workbench Frame Plugs.


Other Power


Overhead Lights


Overhead Light Offers


Included at no charge with overhead lights.

Under Shelf Light


Cables Management

We listed our most popular accessories here. If you didn’t see what you need, speak to our sales staff: 888-700-9888.
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